Safeguarding our Environment for the Future

We offer various kind of services shown below:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

All activities under Environmental Quality (Prescribed activities)
Environmental Impact Assessment) Order 1987
Focusing on Petroleum industry
Power Generation and Transmission
Resort and recreational development
Waste treatment and disposal

Marine Assessment

Macrobenthic Identification
Fish Identification
Macroalgal Identification
Marine Traffic Impact Assessment
Underwater Services (i.e. Deep Water Camera)

Environmental Management Plan

Systematic means of managing environmental impacts
Project implementation schedule
Application for contravention license
License application for contravention of acceptable conditions under Environmental Quality (Sewage and Industrial effluents) Regulations, 1979

Environmental Monitoring / Audit

Air Quality
Noise Quality
Water Quality
Aquatic Life
Terestrial Life
Ground Water

Environmental Modelling

Noise - CUSTIC 1.1
Hydrology - HECHMS (Hydrological Modelling System Ver. 2.2) Water quality -Telemac, Mike-21, COSMOS
Air Quality - Industrial Source Complex Short Term Model (ISCST Pro)
Coastal -COSMOS, Telemac, Mike-21
Ground water - Aquifer Simulation Model ASM), Bioplume 3 Geographical Interface

Environmental Studies

Natural Resources & Recreational Area
Leachate and seepage & permeability analysis
Water Quality
Ground Water
Socio-Economic Study

Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management

Site Invertigation
Health and Safety
Data Evaluation
Feasibility Studies

Solid Waste Management

Site Invertigation
Health and Safety
Data Evaluation
Feasibility Studies

Environmental Quality (Sewage and Industrial Effluents)

Evaluate the performance of the wastewater treatment plant
Ascertain the proper functioning of each of the unit treatment process
Determine corrective actions / remedial measures that would be required
Assist in the acquisition of a contravention license

Social Impact Assessment

Public Participation
Socio-Economic Study

Health Impact Assessment

Public Participation
Health Population Study

Environment-Sectoray Study

Physical environment
Flora and Fauna
Sensitive area

Geographical Information System (GIS)

Spatial data Acquisition, conversion, editing and database development
Spatial data analysis, visualization, cartographic presentation
Global Positioning System (GIS) application
Sole distributor for ASEAN countries - "What if ? software

Geotechnical, Seismic and Hydrograhic Survey

Survey (Onshore and Offshore)
Provision of Specialized Personnel
Provision of Geophysical and Hydrographic Survey Vessel
Provision of Multipurpose Vessel
QA and QC