Safeguarding our Environment for the Future

Welcome to Integrated Envirotech Sdn Bhd.

Integrated Envirotech Sdn. Bhd (IESB) was formed as a subsidiary company of IIUM Entrepreneurship and Consultancies Sdn. Bhd under the International Islamic University Malaysia Holding group of companies. Beginning on the 1st of January 2007, our company emerged with new corporate image and our drive to provide more professional services.

  • Specializes in consulting services for federal, state and provide industry clients in multidisciplinary projects integrating science and technology to evaluate anthropogenic inputs on the natural environment.
  • Has extensive experience assessing environmental impacts relative to air, water quality, biology, chemistry, geology, physical oceanography, cultural resources, socio-economy and other potentially sensitive environmental factors.
  • Has carried out numerous Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Assessment (EA) and Baseline Studies to ensure that project implementation gives due regard to the environment and promotes sustainable development. Within the short period since our establishment, we have had an opportunity of being commissioned as consultant in numerous projects in Malaysia.
  • The quality services of IESB are presented through the consultation services, field work in offshore and onshore, sampling and survey activity, laboratory analysis and preparation of technical reports.